Our Story

In the year 2000, Larry Hilton, a dedicated high school math teacher, embarked on a journey to Vietnam with the intention of adopting a Vietnamese boy. A little over a year later, he extended his loving arms once again and adopted another child from Vietnam. Larry devoted over two decades of his life to teaching at a public high school in Bushwick, while also selflessly assisting young minds with their mathematical endeavors on the stoop of his Brooklyn residence during weekends. Following his retirement from teaching, he ventured abroad to Bolivia and Vietnam, spreading his knowledge and passion for education. Sadly, in 2019, Larry passed away due to a stroke.

My name is Tuan Nguyen, Larry's first adopted son, and I can proudly say that Larry was an extraordinary individual, radiating kindness and possessing a compassionate heart that knew no bounds. He consistently went above and beyond for his students and those around him. Having personally witnessed the power of human connections fostered by the café industry, I have always aspired to own a café of my own. It has allowed me to forge new friendships, share captivating stories, and fill the air with contagious laughter. While Larry had an incredible impact on numerous lives, he faced challenges in establishing personal connections. Therefore, I promised myself that one day I would create a café where both of us could cultivate friendships and revel in shared joy over cups of coffee and delectable snacks.

Unfortunately, Larry did not have the opportunity to accompany me on this inspiring journey. Hence, I wish to honor his memory and celebrate his remarkable existence by bestowing his name upon the café.